The Addams Family

A few weeks ago I went to see the VCU play, The Addams Family. I remember watching a few episode of the Addams Family with my sisters and mom while growing up, and specifically remember being fascinated with Wednesday Addams. I loved her bad-ass personality and disregard to outside opinions. Her braids and wardrobe were also a prime factor in what drew me in. I think Wednesday is the reason I fell in love with goth boys while in middle school.

They play itself was overall a positive experience. I thought the characters were well acted, especially Morticia and Gomez Addams. Their relationship on stage was spicy, and was excellent at recapturing the strangeness of their roles in the family.

I thought Wednesday’s character was a bit out of touch with the original Wednesday Addams. Because the play was revolved around her love affair with an average boy named Lucas, it made sense that she would get in touch with some form of emotions throughout. Although, I do think her serious, dark wit is what made her Wednesday, and unfortunately we didn’t get to see too much of this.

The set was really great. They switched on and off between a foggy forest and the interior of their home. I’ve always been curious about the creation of sets in plays. The house alone was neat because it had a staircase that extended out from the house when characters would run up to the top floor. It had to be adjusted to fit the actions of each scene, so there were a handful of times when the secondary characters would slide in to adjust it.

I thought this was a bit distracting from the performance, but still found an appreciation for the build.



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