McKinley Dixon @ The Depot

Last night I attended my second McKinley Dixon show. A group of friends and I arrived at the depot because the show was said to be set in the infinity room at 8:15. We showed up to no-one there and a person saying they didn’t know what we were talking about. After about 10 minutes of wandering around, we decided to go outside and see if they might of moved the show to the back alley way. We went out there and there was still no one. However, we heard music echoing. Quickly we went closer to the sound, which seemed to be coming from the building across the alley way, and I pressed my ear to the window. Vibrations hit my ear as well as McKinley’s faint voice. They were in the dance building. We had a hard time getting into the building because it was locked, but then someone graciously let us in. When we arrived to the room that the show was clearly in, the door was also locked there as well. So after knocking a few times and sliding a “HELP SOS” note under the door, we decided to just sit and listen to the music in the hall way. It was a cool experience because I closed my eyes and let my imagination tell me what was happening inside of the room. Some of the songs were from the show he’d performed in his previous set that I saw a few weeks ago. After about ten minutes someone finally opened the door and we were allowed in.
The setting was even more intimate than at the show I was at before, which only had about 20 people. This time there were about 8 people, sitting cross legged around the large white infinity wall McKinley and the band were set in. Projected animations were cast upon their faces, lighting up that side of the room with the same rhythm they were playing in. McKinley was donned in the same outfit I’d seen him at his last show, a simple white T-shirt and an orange beanie. He was accompanied by the same jazz band he was before. They were all comfortable, the atmosphere reminded me of being witness to a rehearsal rather than a show itself.
As I sat there swaying along to the music I kept thinking about the new Netflix show The Get Down. It’s one of my favorites that came out this year. Watching McKinley perform definitely made me make connections to that show in the sense that both the main character and McKinley have a way of writing really raw but poetic lyrics. On the show they call the character Zeke a wordsmith and I think that’s what McKinley is as well.
Their set ended but everyone wanted them to play one more, so they did, and I’m so glad they did because it was my favorite song. He told everyone to stand up for this one and we listened. Shortly the room was filled with energy because the song was a lot more fast paced. The song was called Bare Knuckle. I definitely suggest anyone to listen to it online or either go to a show of his any time they have a chance to.

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