Church Choirs and Lasagna

I have been working at the Firehouse Theatre for about three months now, and just recently I was offered the opportunity to take on the production of Parish, a three part show serious dedicated to the expression of personal beliefs of a higher power.

I had been researching churches in the area, and came across the MCC, which is a church dedicated to being open to people of all walks of life, specifically in the LGBTQ community.

I was in a way “recruiting” churches to see which choirs would be lively enough to entertain a full theatre of people. What I didn’t expect was to be taken in like family, and even to be fed homemade lasagna.

I lucked out. The service I ended up choosing happened to be the service before their annual Christmas show. After chatting with some of the members, they invited me to attend their community dinner later that night, followed by their choir show, and then coffee and deserts.

At around 6:30, I brought my friend Craig to the MCC, and together we mingled, munched on homemade pasta, drank coffee, listened to beautiful Christmas music, and indulged in fudge and brownies. It was an excellent evening.

The choir was a group of about twenty-five individuals, all very unique in their color, shape, and form. About half of the songs were led with solos, giving a good chunk of the members a chance to really shine. I found myself getting emotional at a few points throughout the show when I realized that the premise of the night simply was to be together and enjoy beautiful music. It was so simple, and allowed for the flow of joy to move through each one of us with ease.

I felt so welcomed by every member there. I was able to pick up easy going conversation with almost everyone I made contact with. The feeling of appreciation was profoundly present. It made me realize how beautiful community can be, and the freedom to be yourself is the most liberating feeling in the world. While many of the members carried a non-traditional social identity through their sexuality and overall way of living, they found a home within each other.

I plan on attending more of their services in the future, and am excited to work on a collaborative project with them at the Firehouse Theatre.




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