Daniel Shea

Daniel Shea, a New York based photographer, came to VCU to discuss his work and artistic process, of which he explained has drastically changed through out his career.

Firstly, I thought Daniel Shea was a woman– I was quite wrong.

If Im going to completely candid, Daniel Sheas personality struck me as one of a bar of soap and i had a really hard time getting past that. I dont want to say that he was a boring speaker, but he was a pretty boring speaker. It disapointing that talented artist can be so bland or vague when speaking about their own art, especially one that is so accomplished for being so young.

His art was nice to look at, and very subtly loaded with meaning. Although, the meaning he was putting in his work was not anything that particularly intrigued me. However, he is creating a book with another artist that looks extremely interesting but, of course, he did not want to show it in the lecture. I will continue to keep an eye on Daniel Shea because I really just want this dude to stop being so underwhelming.

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