Unnecessary Drama MFA Candidacy Show

April 29th was a night that MFA candidates for Sculpture and Extended Media had to prove themselves. It was a show that decided whether they are worth the program still. In my eyes, the artists by far proved to be in the number one sculpture program in the nation. The show was presented at an old space at 1615 West Broad that was actually recently bought by a friend recently. It is a glorious space that feels similar to a dance studio when you walk in. There is wall of mirrors on the right hand side and beautiful framed works (not sure to the means of media) were presented with imagery that is touching lines on both representative and non-representative art. If you went upstairs, you could enter what came off as a dark space similar to that of a haunted house. You would walk in and immediately be in a room of performers that worked in a play on 1800s style alchemist labs. The next room involved four performers playing different string instruments that related to the 1800s or Renaissance (I can’t decide which one it is really) style music. It gave these areas a vibe that could make your hair stand up. After you would leave this, you can go into the basement and experience a wonderful sculpture presentation. I’m not sure of the artist who made them, but she essentially used lights commonly used in car workshops and sculpted different “meringues” with fruit as well to make them specific type of meringues. The light was very effective in using it to accentuate each piece as well. It was almost as if the artist knew that the dark basement would have been the perfect place to display these pieces. All in all, I was very impressed with the show and cannot wait to see what these candidates make in the future.

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