Thomas Schiff VMFA Response

As a photography major, I felt the need to go see any photo exhibit placed by the VMFA. The current one I went to was Thomas R. Schiff’s exhibit about various landmarks in Virginia using a 360-degree panoramic camera. The locations shot ranged from modern places such as VCU to places where America thrived in its colonial days such as Colonial Williamsburg. The imagery was rather interesting when it came to looking at landmarks that I had not visited before. Some of those are Mount Vernon and Monticello. Being able to view what makes Virginia an interesting place in history at one location was a cool idea and I am glad that the VMFA made it happen. After a while though, the images did get stale and it felt that the camera used was just a way to initially bring attention to his work because it did use a technique that is not very well practice. The most successful photographs were by far his symmetrical ones but that could just be the symmetry nerd in my geeking out for a bit. All in all, I do not really have much more to say about the exhibit other than that. I was not very moved by it and do not expect to remember much of the works seen. As said before, it was great to see it collected in one spots but what else other than group of landmark imagery does it provide? That I am not sure of.

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