Stiction BFA Sculpture Show Response

Stiction (Static Friction) was the BFA show for VCU’s sculpture department. Having known a few friends in that department, I felt I would show my support and go to the show. I try and understand sculpture and respect what it does when it hits me in a profound way, but this show was a little different. A lot of pieces were cool, and utilized space well which would also lead you to investigate a little further. To me though, I was not as impressed as I have been at other shows. One of the pieces I did really enjoy though was a collection of smaller works relating to different household items found in archaeological sites such as bowls, cups, and other kitchen wear. They were made beautifully in respect towards the bits of information I’m sure the artist could find. The sense of preserving using second-hand means of making the object not from original content piqued some interest. It was also maybe one of the only pieces at the show that I could really get behind. Right next to that installation were these buzzing fish that had toothbrushes stuck in them. The vibrations would spin them in a circle and it was something I just did not get in any sense. It was a moment where you just went “cool?” and kept going along with the show. For the most part, it was interesting to see what other departments are making but it almost made me questions why I would want to stick around longer than I had to.

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