Fox Behind The House Photo BFA Show Response

The Fox Behind The House. That is the name of my own senior show in photography. I might be a little biased but it was one of the most impressive BFA opening I had experienced in some time. Having been to several openings the week before and not that impressed, I feel as if photography brought their game. It was opened on May 6th which is a First Friday. The body of work displayed by those involved were diverse, intriguing, and also related well to others. The amount of experimentation beyond just what is produced by a camera is mind blowing. It was hosted in a two floor building that previously was an office space. An amazing amount of work between the class brought it to a level that competes with galleries themselves. Hundreds of people walking down the street came in to see what work was being revealed. There was not a single time that the space felt cramped and could have been a hazard if a fire marshal had appeared. The general response from those who knew little about what was being shown proved to be what is arguably (or not depending on who you talk to) one of the best VCU BFA shows in photography. I know from multiple faculty that this is what they believed. All the artists were practically speechless at the sheer response that the visitors gave. It was something out of this world, almost something we could not have even fathomed to happen. For me, it was possibly one of the greatest nights to have happened in recent years. Everything built up to this one night and everything could not have gone better.

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