Black Valentine’s Response

For those who do not really like Valentine’s Day or was just alone, Black Valentine’s Day as presented by WRIR and Gallery 5 was the place to be. Every year WRIR provides an opportunity for those that do not have much going on for Valentine’s Day to come and hang out while grabbing a few drinks, enjoy good local music, and looking at art or striking up conversation with strangers. Most of the music that was playing seemed to be more laid back than what I generally go to see. The Wimps was a fantastic band that I truly enjoyed. They have creative uses of different percussions and keyboard sounds, while being innovative on common instruments such as bass, guitar and drums. The voice of the singer was so very unique and fit a night like this where it was Valentine’s-esque but not for the traditional styles of love songs. I met a couple people while I was there but nothing really struck me when it came to talking to some of the people I did not know. Guess it was a miss of a night for me! All in all it was a good night to be out, especially being one that generally doesn’t have much going on for Valentine’s. Nothing really moved me or struck out as memorable but it was better than being stuck inside! Being out and active is something I try and keep doing so I won’t get stuck in my shell.

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