Anywhere But Here Response

March 28th was the kickoff for a film series collection planned by Black Light Film + Video Series. Currently run by a group of vcuarts students, they are starting a local collective for Richmond’s film scene. The first event was named Anywhere But Here and it was hosted at Sediment Arts near Downtown Richmond. I was luckily able to go to help support friends, and as well do a fundraiser for my own senior show while participating as a viewer too. The wide variety of uses in film styles from documentary to experimental and everything in between was such a great sight to see in one venue. Sometimes it can be difficult to go through screenings when every film has a common style. The one true commonality between this event’s submissions was a theme of storytelling generally about what the name of the event was, anywhere but here. It can be taken in multitudes of sense in regards to travel, disconnection from the world or others, or whichever way any different person can interpret those words. All the works as well were fiction and non-fiction so it provided room to investigate the idea further. One of the most profound films for me was called First Encounter With Authority by Yavuz Özer. It was about Turkish human rights violations in the late 1900s where children were forced to recognize the authority of the government whether it be uniforms, violence, or fear. The scenes he made provided a sense of helplessness and desperation which was just phenomenal to experience the anguish of what people lived through in those times. After the event, it got me excited waiting for the next one whenever that will be.

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